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Skiddaw Farm Manuka Honey. 250 grams of the most unique and flavourful honey the Marlborough Sounds has to offer. Floral sources: Manuka/kanuka 82%, kamahi 8%, other 10% Inc, Hinau, lancewood, clover, pegionwood, lotus, broardleaf, bush lawyer, flowering gum etc.

Manuka antibacterial levels = 110+ MGO mg/kg (methylglyoxal) which is the same as a UMF 5+, as tested by Hill Laboratories NZ.

Collected and produced by the bees for you to enjoy. Harvested and packaged by us with nothing added in any way. This raw honey will naturally crystallise over time, simply place jar in hot water to soften, stirring occasionally. Enjoy!

Skiddaw Farm Manuka Honey 250g

  • 250g of Skiddaw Manuka Honey in a glass jar.

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