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Skiddaw Honey

Raw       Flavourful       Unique

on top of Mt Honey, Campbell Island
Honey packing day
Bees ontop of frames
Simon says hold out your hand
hmmm stright from the frame
jars ready and waiting
Bees bringing in the honey
Brood and bees
Sniff on a fishing trip
The view from Skiddaw peak
Health check at the hives
Greeting the day
Productive daddy day care
Hives loaded up with honey boxes


Skiddaw Honey is a family business with only a dozen hives on heaps of land.


Being a small operation our bees are well looked after and have plenty to eat. The flavourful honey they produce isn’t messed with in any  way, no micro filtering, creaming, mixing with other batches or heating. It truly is a raw product, straight from hive to jar.


We also get our honey independently lab tested for its manuka content and its floral sources, so you know exactly what you are getting. And yes, we are all about glass! I think it is fair to say there is enough single use plastic in the world.


It’s just one beekeeper (me) producing small batches with family and friends helping along the way. These forest covered hills produce some of the best flavourful honey that the Marlborough Sounds has to offer.



Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!


Cheers, Mitch.

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